Reading in the Future

The Mechanical Bride by M. Mc Cuhan.1951. Print.

Link to the PDF version Summary: I read this article in the library with my headphones on as I listened to music. This article was in print and I flipped the pages to read the article. I read intently and could read the article without a problem, though before I read the article I noticed that the front page was noisy and distracting with a lot of articles that didn't really match up together in terms of categories and subject matter.

As We May Think by Bush. Published in Sep 1945 in Life Magazine. Print.

Summary: I read this article in the library with my headphones on listening to music. I read this article in print and flipped the pages to look at more of the article. The text was really small that it was hard to read and focus. It didn't look super appealing. Once I hit all of the ads, I started to skim and just flip pages because there was so many ads. Some of the ads would cut off the article entirely and take up pages between the article. It was really distracting and made it hard to want to read the rest of the article, though there were bold statements within the article that helped me get the gist of the subject matter.

The Deep Space of Digital Reading by La Farge. Jan 2016. Online on Nautilus.

Link to the Article Summary: I read this article in the library while I listened to music. I read this article online, so I just had to scroll to read more. I really didn't have many distractions, except for a few on the right side of the article where they were showing other articles on the site that I should read. There was also an ad for another article on the site within the article that I was suppose to read, but compared to the article in Life magazine it wasn't anything that I couldn't skim past. I really liked how there were images within the article, as that helped break up the text and keep me focused.

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