Reading in the Future

A Guide to Reading in the Future

Please read Bush and McLuhan in print or PDF. Read La Farge online. I'd like you to encounter the reading text in the context in which it was originally published and presented.

You should do a little background reading on the Bush essay and the McLuhan book - not one of his best known. Wikipedia.

As every week, please take notes on the wiki for each reading. You can use one wiki page for all three or three separate pages. But this time focus on your encounter with the reading: Reading this particular content in this particular form and situation.

Think User Testing. That's the kind of focus of attention I'm asking you to make.

Summarize content as a way of coming to a better understanding of it. But also record what it is like to read the content in the context it was published: paper or screen, in the framework of advertising, in the mechanics of flipping pages or scrolling.

We will discuss what you have brought to the surface at our next meeting.


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