Wow, this was a weird experience. This video-book-thing is almost forcing me to read some words, putting them in huge font and leaving them on the screen for a few moments. While other sentences flash by in a matter of seconds and I can hardly comprehend what the words even are.

For the first part of the video, the words and phrases linger on the screen so I can soak them into my brain. However, as the video progresses, the words are flying across the screen quickly, and the weird drum music then starts to distract me. I couldn't even finish."

What is your role as a reader in each text? What are you cast by the writing as doing, able to do, expected to do, come away with from the reading?

My role as a reader in this situation is to read each word/phrase as it is shown. For example, carefully comprehend each word that lingers on the screen, and quickly skim the words that stay on the screen for only a millisecond. I considered pausing the video a few times so I was able to read the sentences that come and go so fast, but I don't think that it what I am supposed to do as a reader in this situation. I am supposed to make sense of the story at the pace the creator wants me to.

Who are you cast as as a reading public - that is, What kind of mindset, values, interests, ATTENTION does the text expect of you as part of the the general public who reads?

I think it's important to have a mindset of "this is not your average book/passasge/whatever". This was created to be read at a forced pace, not at your own pace. Personally, I found it helpful to read the text aloud, because I think the pace was designed like a conversation, meaning the words are said quickly. Reading aloud brought this piece to life.

Technology! What's it mean in this case?

Technology is everything in this case. Without this video-style compilation of words at specific paces, the mood would be totally different. -- likely stale and boring. As someone who has a hard time concentrating on reading, this use of technology really forced me to actually read and be intrigued by the whole situation.

Comprehension! What does it mean to understand or comprehend this particular text? To get what it's presenting?

Well first of all, I didn't really comprehend this text. I think it's trying to convey a conversational aspect, but even so, it's very fast at times and a lot of the things they were saying didn't really click in my head either. However, I thought it was more comprehendible than the Islands text, because it definitely happens in a very linear order, word by word by word.

DOes it mAke you thinK?

Yes, it did. Even though Krug says "don't make me think", I believe the creators point was to make the situation kind of hectic in a way. It was supposed to be read as a chaotic situation, the words come and go so quickly I hardly had any time to think until the end.

I added a new page called ReadingTheWhiteSpace. I'm inviting everyone in the class to add something to it if they want to. If this wiki word doesn't bring you to the page, you can find it on my name page. - BonnieRobinson.
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