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=====Rainy Lake Ice Travel=====
I was born in International Falls, MN and lived on an island on Rainy Lake for the first fifteen years of my life. People always find this extremely interesting, so here is a page on it, separate from my About Me page.

We lived a mile across water from the mainland, so the boat ride (open bow, 15 ft with 15 horse outboard motor) took about five minutes. Then it was a twenty minute drive to school/work. In the winter, the lake would eventually freeze over completely. At different stages of thickness, we would use different modes of transportation.

- While we could still break the ice, we would continue taking the boats.
- When it got just thick enough to withstand that, we would take a canoe and scoot it across with one foot in the canoe and one out. This probably took twenty minutes but it felt like forever.*
- When the ice thickened more, we rode snowmobiles.
- At about two to three feet of ice, my father would plow a road and we would simply drive across.
- *Eventually, we were able to eschew the canoe-scooting process for airboats: large, flat-bottomed boats with giant fans on the back that could slide over the ice as well as float if the ice broke.

When we finally moved to town when I was 15, being able to simply drive to a friend's house (or even home from school to get lunch or grab something I forgot), was a true luxury.

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