Writer's Name: Erika Wheelhouse

Working title: My New Adventure

What will the article cover? What will it be about? I finally have plans after I graduate. I will be leaving for the Philippines July 5th, 2013 for the Peace Corps; if I pass all my medical tests. I have been selected for the Child, Youth, and Family Services sector. This article will cover my application process, what to expect, and my personal feelings towards this next chapter in my life.

What stance will you take? p 32, and again on p 82: It will be a first person stance, as it is my own experience. I will be educating the readers on all the steps and the overall objective of my Peace Corps service. The tone will be more excited and informative.

Consider audience fit: People with volunteer interests, Probably more young adults to middle-aged adults

Consider how the article will make contact with readers - chap 3, and chap 4, p 80 - 81: Readers will be most interested in what exactly I will be doing and how the process works. I will need to tell the story in a timeline way; my decision to apply, the application process, the end result, and my reactions. This will sort of allow the readers to travel through the journey as I did it.

Where might the article fit on TIO section and category: Real Life Department in the Travel section

Research and practices you'll need to do to write the article: A lot of it will come from the information I have been given for my own Peace Corps journey. I will research the Philippines and other stories of people's experience in the Peace Corps.

What it might link to: It can link to blog posts of other people's Peace Corps experience, the Peace Corps website, volunteer organizations

Article length: 1500-2000 words?
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