[Go with Catfish for Feb issue. mcm]

[update 12 Feb. Start a new page to post your draft in, like CatfishTrendingEMW. Paste in what you have so we can both see it. mcm]

Writer's Name: Erika Wheelhouse

Working title Catfish Trending (or review?)

What will the article cover? What will it be about? The new mtv series catfish is popular with the college aged viewers. It is about people who meet online and eventually want to meet up only to find out their significant other is hiding something. The article will talk about this upcoming phenomenon with meeting online, how social networking plays a role, the manti te'o girlfriend hoax, and the different reasons people look for relationships online rather than in person. I don't want the focus to be on the online dating sites. I want it more aimed at meeting through social networking sites.

What stance will you take? p 32, and again on p 82: General/semi-formal/opinion

Consider audience fit Teens to Young adults

Consider how the article will make contact with readers - chap 3, and chap 4, p 80 - 81 The show Catfish is on MTV, which most teen-young adults watch. It is a trending topic that will connect to readers will similar stories or an interest in the tv series.

Where might the article fit on TIO section and category, either existing or one that will collect others Social Media or Real Life

Research and practices you'll need to do to write the article Social Networking statistics/online dating statistics/manti te'o hoax information/opinions/CatFish show experiences

What it might link to - literally and figuratively It could link to online dating, social networking, real life stories/blogs of meeting online [definitely what will is link to? mcm]

Article length 1000 - 1200 words [mcm]
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