Writer's Name Erika Wheelhouse

Working title Ginger and Spice-Unsure of the Nice

What will the article cover? What will it be about? The article will be about what it is like to live with red hair, misconceptions and facts about people with red hair, and jokes about gingers:

What stance will you take? p 32, and again on p 82 general/amuse

Consider audience fit red-heads, people who have red-head friends/family members

Consider how the article will make contact with readers - chap 3, and chap 4, p 80 - 81Everyone makes ginger jokes. This will tell the readers a ginger's perspective on all of that. Humor/light tone will help readers to relate or at least enjoy the article.

Where might the article fit on TIO section and category, either existing or one that will collect others Real Life or Outrage (in a comedic sense)

Research and practices you'll need to do to write the article I have the experience of 21 years living with red hair.

What it might link to - literally and figuratively: Ginger Problems twitter page and website; a youtube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfRwz1ym9DM) and a red hair facts page (http://facts.randomhistory.com/redhead-facts.html)

Article length: The required 1000-2500. It will probably be on the shorter side since it doesn't require much research or extra explanations into things.
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