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**Thoughts on why I linked the way I linked**

For a while, I experimented with switching paragraphs around (in conjunction with linking paragraphs and assigning each to their own Wiki page)--to see if I could still preserve the overall flow and message of Poe's piece. However, this became frustrating--and I settled for choosing keywords that stood out to me in each paragraph and linked each 'node' based on those (sort of in the same way that Samantha and Hannah did). Perhaps I'm tired or something, but I feel like there's really no other way to go about it.

On the first Wiki page (which includes only the first paragraph of Poe's piece), I provided two links (via the words Dogma and Wretchedness). Dogma leads to the paragraph that outlines Ellison's four pathways to Bliss (which of course could be considered a dogma of sorts). In this paragraph, there is one more link (Pursuit) that leads to the paragraph that explains Ellison's fortune in detail (which I assume anyone who knew him at the time would have pursued in some way or another--trying their best to get their hands on some of it). I used Wretchedness (still on the first page) to link the paragraph that explains HOW Ellison received his fortune (I picked the word Wretchedness being that I'm sure having this amount of money dropped on you out of nowhere brings about a whole world of problems). However, from here, I use more positive words found in the text (Heir, Imagination, Composition, etc) to tie the remainder of the piece together--because through something with great potential for evil (money) Ellison is able to make something beautiful and enduring. Each word is meant to sort of describe the general gist of the paragraph it's linked to.

Another reason I chose all these words to link the piece together was just to pick different words than Samantha or Hannah--just so we have more to discuss in class.
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