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Choose up and develop these. Three people per persona. Create a page for each persona using a WikiName. Talk to these people, observe these people in the venue, interview them formally if you wish. **Take notes** because you need to be accurate. You need multiple sources for each persona.

Next: Need a crit of each to keep the persona under control.

==Bar group==
- male student > PersonaMaleStudent2011 Dan, Emily
- female student > PersonaFemaleStudent2011 Beth, Emily, Trey(interviewed one)
- DowntownPatron - 18 - 30 years old - Phil, Zach
- member of a couple > PersonaCouple2011 Adam, Emily
- tourist - 20 - 30. develop this one by imagining self as tourist elsewhere PersonaTourist2011 - Trey, Dan

==Coffee group==
- member of a study/writing group > StudyGroup2011 - Brena, Dan
- ++faculty member++
- downtown professional (20 - 40) DowntownPro Jon
- high school student PersonaTeenKid Jon, Brena,
- mom with kids MomWithKids Brena

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