Male Tourist Persona

Greg Masters
Male - 27 years

One member of a couple. Started dating in college. Greg is graduating from college this year(computer science). Thought about joining the Air Force as an officer since he believe they value the brains of an individual. Recruitment is closed indefinitely so he won't be doing that. He would rather move to a larger city and find a job than go back to school for a higher degree.
Started leasing a car in college(civic), he still has it.
Talks to his parents maybe once a week and only for a few minutes, just enough to let them know he is alive.
Does not rely on parents for financial support.
Works at a group home to pay his way through school, full time.
Outgoing, doesn't have a problem talking to strangers.
Plays drums in a couple different bands around town, mostly sticks to the basement scene.
Intellectual, he is bothered by the shortcomings of others at times. Likes to talk circles around those he doesn't like and who aren't intelligent.
Hates talking about politics.

Loves working with his computers.
Video games.
Drinking with his friends.
Going on trips out of town with friends.
Used to be big in to rock climbing early in his college career.
Frisbee golf on hot summers days, always has a cooler with beer when he plays.
Craft beer, even makes a batch himself when he has the money.
Music - Surf Rock, Technical Metal, Folk, The Mars Volta, Daft Punk, MGMT, Hardcore, cant stand trendy bands.

Open mindedness.
Intelligent conversation.

At the Bar
Can be particular about the bar he goes to.
Just a few drinks? Then he will go somewhere where they have something good on tap (think craft beer)
Lots of drinks? Place with the cheapest pitchers.

Down to play some pool, he had a table in his basement and played it a lot. Pretty decent at it, better than most.
Almost always goes with his group of guys. Sometimes his lady joins them. The group usually just gets a table and chats/debates/and eventually argues.

Stays until bar close.

At the Coffee Shop
He doesn't quite get the idea of the coffee shop (he gets it, he just likes to make fun of those who take it seriously). He only goes there to treat his lady. Usually gets a fruit smoothie when he goes since he doesn't really have a taste for coffee.
He is antsy while there, like he wants to leave as soon as possible and get back into his comfort zone.

When Travelling
If there is a bar in the hotel, he will go there. Otherwise he googlemaps the downtown area to see what is happening. He is looking for bar/pubs and maybe a good place to eat prior to drinking.

Male Tourist

Fred Smith
Male - 22


Fred is from Duluth, he is meeting a friend who lives in Grand Forks. They thought it would be a good idea to meet in a town that is relatively in the middle of where they are at now.





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