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======Nathan Robertson Age -22======
- senior at BSU
- frequents bars about 3 times a week (more so on Fri & Sat)
- likes to go to different bars depending on atmosphere

- Meeting up with and hanging out with friends
- keeping up with professional sports
- watching collegiate level sports
- meeting new people

- Owns a droid
- text messages different friends while at bars
- usually finds out where "the action" is via texts from friends who are at different bars

-claims to be typical college drinker
- will split a couple of pitchers between friends
- buys a round of shots when its his turn too
- usually drives to bars, if he has had too much he will give his keys to a friend and call a cab for a ride home

- likes to sit at the bar
- bartenders know him and give him deals from time to time
- carries on conversations with friends, bartenders, and strangers.
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