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Female Student Persona

Alley Fischer
Female - 19 years

One member of a couple. Just started at BSU this semester, last semester she attended the university of Kansa, she is originally from Fosston, MN (about 40 west of Bemdiji) and felt that she too far from home and moved back, plus her boyfriend started attending BSU last fall.

Commutes to school with her boyfriend

So here is the important part to me, she doesn't do much around Bemidji, but she goes to school here maybe this site can entice her to check out some coffeehouses and possibly some bar events that are 18+

Relaxed atmosphere
intimidated by new things though, especially if she is by herself

At the Bar
Too young for the bar, she is almost 20!

At the Coffee Shop
Is interested in checking them out, especially if she is waiting for her boyfriend to commute back.

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