Member of a Couple

Downtown St. Paul.

Adam & Valerie, married

  • Meeting up with friends in a familiar place. Valerie, 25, is no longer a student but is young enough to fit in with a college crowd. Adam, 23, is still a student.
  • Prefers a more comfortable environment. Examples would be Brigids (Bemidji), Martini lounge of Red Carpet or Veranda Lounge (St. Cloud). Val enjoys dancing so will occasionally end up at Keg in Bemidji, Bada Bings in Brainerd, or downwstairs Red Carpet in St. Cloud. Tends to avoid sports/dive bars.
  • Enjoys seeing live performances, whether open-mic situations or cover bands.
  • Adam is a "social smoker" and prefers bars that he knows will not be crowded. Rarely dances.
  • Eating after bar close is important, as food will help lessen the nausea the next morning. Convenience of restaurants that are open late influences where they will be drinking (Perkins, Country Kitchen, Erbert & Gerberts, etc)
  • Generally everyone in the group is drinking (meaning no designated driver) so weather, distance to bar, and/or availability of taxi also affects plans.

  • Good music. "Good" is more about the skill of the musicians rather than the style of music being played. For example, even a skilled country band is generally preferable to a mediocre "Top 40" cover band or a horrible rock/metal outfit.
  • Favors quality alcohol over cheap drinks whenever budget allows. However, may stick with rail drinks (such as rum&cola, gin&tonic) if quick inebriation is desired, or funds are not available on a given night.

Frequency of drinking
  • Almost every weekend, though not always in a bar situation. Will go to bars consistently once or twice a month, at least.
  • Usually goes with a group of well-known friends, so not necessarily concerned with who else is out, or whether the "club is jumping" or not.

Goes with
  • Goes to bars as a couple, often with a group of well-known friends. Usually stick to group. Seeking other companionship for hooking up/getting laid is not a goal, as it might be for single patrons (or swinging couples).

  • Drinking since early college years. Drinking habits have evolved from "getting smashed" to "avoiding epic hangover".

Anonymous young woman, casually dating

  • Enjoys social aspect of going out just as much as getting drunk.
  • Very intellectual. Cannot stand jock/redneck/ditzy personalities, therefore bar atmosphere is priority
  • Is entertained by other obnoxiously drunk patrons. May sacrifice atmosphere in order to accomplish this (i.e. hates Keg but will go downstairs to observe and laugh at inebriated patrons on the dance floor)

  • Comfortable atmosphere
  • Quality/cheap drinks are interchangeable
  • No driver's license/vehicle. Relies on others for transportation or walks.

Frequency of drinking
  • Often

Goes with
  • Friends. Boyfriend is on probation and cannot be in bars.
  • Does not necessarily stick to group. Mingles well.
  • Sees relationship as "open", may seek attention or even companionship, although she does not admit this.

  • Drinking since high school.
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