Students have a habit of using television as a form or procrastination but what if I told you, you could use it as an educational tool? Would you take advantage of the opportunity?

If anyone has ever told you college was easy, they were not doing it right. Stacks of homework, cups of coffee by the millions, little to no sleep with the occasional downtime- that is college. It isn't about where the next party is or the flavor of Ramen you will eat for dinner. It is about what you to do with your free time that can help you build a better, brighter, more professional you in the future.

There are four main things employers look for in students who have just graduated college. According toThe 10 Skills Employers Most Want In 20-Something Employees on they are: basic teamwork, the ability to plan, prioritizing and problem-solving. Employers want to see on your cover letter, resume and in your interview that you can show these skills.
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