TV Supports your Future

College isn't easy, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Stacks of homework, cups of coffee by the millions, little to no sleep with the occasional downtime, that is college. It isn't about where the next party is or which flavor of Ramen you will eat for dinner that night, it is about what you choose to do to make sure you can help yourself build a better, brighter, more professional you in the future.

Outside of college, the job market is a competition to see who can prove they were better than the last interviewee. Jobs can be scarce and the employers will be picky, what can you do to make sure you are able to outshine your competition?

Colleges and Universities offer their students the opportunity to join various clubs and organizations but what if none of these interest you? Simple, check to see if your institution has a television station, get involved. Make your future shine as bright as the set of your college television studio's set. Take it from me, being under 32,000+ Kilowatts of light is enough light to make your resume glow for years, use it to outshine your competition.

Working with your peers and the community to run a television station helps you to develop lasting skills that will give you that extra boost to your resume, portfolio and interview. Don't believe me, take a look for yourself.

How can TV can get you an interview

The top four things employers look for in students who have just graduated college, according toThe 10 Skills Employers Most Want In 20-Something Employees on , are: basic teamwork, the ability to plan, prioritizing and problem-solving. Employers want to see on your cover letter, resume and in your interview that you can demonstrate these skills.

On average, a potential employer will only spend 6 seconds reviewing your resume. According to TIMES: Business & Money section, you want your expertise and experience to be first. By working at a university television station, you can add your work experience. For example:

Your major doesn't matter, there is something for everyone. Employers are looking for new employees who have experience and expertise working with teams. Working with a college TV station allows you to work with people of many majors and personalities to create a mass amount of programming and events.

Broadcast your Portfolio
Employers want to see and hear proof that what you have written in your cover letter and on your resume is fact, not fluff. Imagine for me if you will, you are in an interview and you are asked to describe a time you had to work with a team to develop something, you would be able to not only have many example to pull from, you would be able to give physical examples. Media is always looking for the next thing, always on the go, always growing. There would be a multitude of things students could use to their benefit.

Behind all the make-up, lights and cameras is a family working together to develop every detail that goes into developing programming that can be put on the air for thousands of millions to view. A design team or person is asked to develop graphics. A writer works with the talent to develop a script. An accountant and advertising team work with the manager to help develop budgets and ways to advertise themselves and their programming. Even as individual groups work amongst themselves to develop these types of things, which can be added to their portfolios to prove to their potential employers of their experience and expertise, they must work together in the end as a team to develop everything that makes up a station.

Television might not be for everyone, but it can support everyone's future.
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