Chapter 6: Designing Navigations

"People won't use your Web site if they can't find their way around it."

Web Navigation 101

Step One: You're looking for something.
Step Two: You ask yourself if you should use the search box or if you should browse yourself. Step Three: If you can't find it you leave.

The Missing Cues of the Web

1) No sense of scale- How much of a site is there? Are we seeing everything?
2) No sense of direction
3) No sense of location- In physical locations we can develop a sense of where things are and can create shortcuts.
  • bookmarks are important- helps us remember where things are
  • homepages-a fixed place
"Navigation isn't just a feature of a Web site; it is the Web site" (63).
Navigation is good, but not too much. That could be a distraction.

Overlooked Purposes of Navigation

We know we use navigation to find things and to tell us where we are, but what we sometimes forget is...

Web Navigation Conventions

Hierarchy of a site
This site
Sections of this site
Sub-Subsections, etc.
This page
Areas of this page
Items on this page

Comparing the Chapter to the BSU Site

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