Notes on Chapter 3 - How do Design an Effective Web Page

Summary: This chapter provides simple guidelines for setting up information on a web page by focusing on the visual layout and placement of content.

Use Conventions

*note that different types of sites have different appearances and layouts

Use Visual Hierarchy

Use Clearly Defined Areas to Organize the Page

Make the Clickable Tabs Easy to Spot

Keep the Page Uncluttered

Make the Page "Scannable"

Questions, Reflections and Personal Applications
I found this chapter to be very useful to me personally when designing the syllabi for my courses. I was already doing a lot of these things intuitively, but I think I could use headings and bullet lists more. I also think I could put more breaks in my paragraphs. A couple of years ago, I started creating a new page for each topic of my syllabus and creating links to each page.

The last main point about making the content easier to scan is very useful for when I re-design my syllabus. Not only do students tend to scan the material, they need to be able to scan it when they are just looking for something specific. Very useful tip!
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