Notes on Chapter 2

Summary: This chapter is about the way people read differently on the web. It's that get-in-and-get-out mode because they are looking for something specific.

One the top right of page 21 of Steve Krug's book, he placed a children's riddle: What are things always in the last place you look for them? Because you stop looking when you find them!

Moms Be Like BAD Websites that Don't Help You Find What You're Looking For

Tim Hawkins: "Thanks, Captain Obvious"

Fact 1 - People scan because:

Fact 2 - People don't make the best choices because:

Fact 3 - People don't read instructions because:

Questions, Reflections and Personal Applications
"Even technically savvy users often have surprising gaps in their understanding of how things work" (Krug 26).
I found this to be true when I was struggling with the caption feature in WordPress. I went to Google to find a solution and found a Word Press Forum related to captions On this forum, Brightgirldesigns said, "I'm a designer/coder and sometimes WordPress does not feel real intuitive to me. Maybe I know too much for own good, LOL!"
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