Chapter 8: How To Avoid Arguments on Usability

First Way to Start an Argument: Personal Passion

Second Way to Start an Argument: Art vs. Commerce

It's hard for the professionals working on the site to agree, because each has a professional passion. By this CEOs, developers, designers, and those in business development all want the site to look different.

There is no Average User

So, don't ask "Do most people like..." instead ask yourself "Does this ... create a good experience for the people that are going to use the site?"

How to End the Argument

Test out the site. Build a version of the page and then watch people try and figure out what the site is and how they can use it. The usability testing moves from trying to figure out what people like to what does and does not work on the site for people.

Chapter 9: Keeping Usability Testing Simple

Don't wait until the last minute to test your site.

Focus Groups are not usability tests

Focus Groups allow people talk about things, while usability testing allows us to watch people use things.

True Things About Usability Testing

DIY Usability Testing

p.117 graph

How Often Should You Test?
Krug recommends once a month in the morning.
How Many Users Do You Need?
Krug believes 3 people is all that is needed.
How Do You Choose The Participants?
Why it's a good thing to use some participants that aren't from our target audience:
How Do You Find Participants?
You can find participants in user groups, at trade shows, Craigslist, social media, customer forums, etc.
Where do you test?
A quiet area with a computer with Internet access, a mouse, keyboard, and microphone. You'll be using screen sharing software and screen recording software to capture everything about the test.
Who should do the testing?
Anyone can be a facilitator, but they should be a people-person. ex. nice, good listener.
Who Should Observe?
As many people as possible. The more people, the more problems and issues they will identify with the participants taking the test.
What do you test? When do you test it?
How Do You Choose The Tasks To Test?
Think of what you're testing and then come up with a list of tasks they'll need to complete.
ex. login process= create an account, log in with an existing username and password, retrieve a forgotten password/username, etc.
What Happens During the Test?
According to a typical 1-hr test:
Typical Problems
Debriefing: Deciding What To Fix

Alternative Lifestyles

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