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====Ch.7: Importance of Web Design====

===What do home pages do?===
- Shows what the site is and what it is for.
- Gives an overview of what the site has.
- Provide a search box.
- Makes users want to use their site (shows what interesting things they have).
- Promotes new/popular stories and deals.
- Shows other sections and features of the site.
- Keeps content updated.
- Advertises deals and promotions.
- Shortcuts for important/frequently checked items, etc.
- Gives an area to register or sign in.

==What home pages **absolutely **need to have==
- A credible look. Trust is a must for users.
- A guide of where to start.
- Show users what they are looking for (if able too).
- Show users other things that they might be interested in.

===Constraints of Home Pages===
- Everyone wants a piece of it. Stakeholders want their products/information on the front page because that's the page that gets the most traffic.** AVOID **overcrowding the home page with deals/links from the stakeholders.
- Too many people have an opinion about it since it's //so// important.
- It has to appeal to //everyone//.

===Home Pages Can't Do It All===
-Compromise is basically unavoidable... just **don't forget to convey the big picture**.

===Questions the Home Page Should Answer===
- What is this?
- What do they have there?
- What can I do here?
- Why should I be here-- and not somewhere else?
- Where do I start?

===How to get the site's message across?===
-Use taglines next to the site ID. Users look for these and read the descriptions.
-make it clear and informative.
- don't make it too short or too long. Most are around six to eight words.
- make it unique, clever, and personal. **AVOID** generic.
- A paragraph welcoming user's to the site. The text usually catches their attention. **BUT avoid using a mission statement**.
- The "Learn more." These links and videos are often clicked on and users are willing to watch.
- Use as much space as needed (user's don't mind). **But only for the necessary information**.
- Ask several people outside your organization to critique the home page and make sure the main point of the site is clear.

===When sites don't need taglines===
-They have achieved household word status.
- They are well known from their offline origins.

===Illustraition and Critiques on
- Kohls does have a search box on the home page.
- They do not have a description on what they are all about, but they have links at the bottom of their home page that would allow users to look at if they were interested to see what the company was all about and other facilities. I don't think that not having a tagline is bad for this site since it's just a clothing store and it's frowned upon to use mission statements according to Krug. I think that mission statements shouldn't be frowned upon for a tagline because they could help users learn more about the site.
- Kohls definitely has a majority of things that could be what users are looking for and their are also loads of advertisements, deals, and codes that are shown on the home page that might catch their attention and make them shop for something that they hadn't originally went to the site to search for.
- It shows other features at the top of their page. The departments, once clicked, show a drop down menu of all of the different sections and they also have a link for "today's deals" at the top. This shows importance, since they are at the top of the page.
-This site keeps product information and information in general updated, as prices and deals constantly change and item availability has to consistently be updated due to purchases.
- There's a place at the top of the home page that allows users to log in or to check out.
- Front page looks credible, with the logo on the top of the page.
- It kind of has a guide of where to start, but the front page is kind of distracting with all of the pictures, deals, etc. Personally, I think the guide is either to pick a department or to enter what you are looking for in the search bar, because they designed the site so the size of the search bar is in the center of the top of the home page and it's bigger.
- The front page definitely has TOO MUCH on it. Too many deals/items that they are trying to feature on the home page.
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