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===== Chapter 8, Krug =====

==== Krug on Usability Arguments ====

- according to Krug, arguments on usability never go well
- this is evidenced in the comic on pages 103-104
- these arguments waste time, create tension, erode respect within a team, and prevent a decision from being made
- since we're all web users, we have strong opinions on what we like and do not like in a website
- we tend to think that all users have these opinions in common with us
- **professional passion**
- the role a member of a team plays greatly changes how they think a website should look
- CEO vs. designer vs. developer vs. business development, etc.
- differences in perspective leads to conflict
- **hype culture vs. craft culture**
- on the hype side, we have upper management, marketing, and business development
- goals are to attract venture capital, generate revenue, and gain users
- on the craft side, we have designers and developers
- the goals of hype culture fall on the shoulders of craft culture to execute
- this issue adds a level of complexity to the usability argument

==== Don't Believe the Myths ====
- the "average user" does not exist
- this is a problem, because when a team cannot come to a decision, they try to figure out what the "average user" likes or does not like
- a user's reaction is based on so many variables
- there are no simple answers as to what users like -- design should be well thought-out, well executed, and tested
- some ideas are actually incorrect, but teams do not often disagree about those

==== So... How Can We Fix It? ====
- it's not productive to ask what people like -- it's more productive to analyze the specific function or section and test it
- usability testing is the key; it moves the conversation from like vs. dislike to does it work vs. does it not work, which helps teams reach a decision much quicker
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