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===== Chapter 7, Krug =====

==== Bazinga! All About Home Pages ====

- there's always //one thing// you'll forget on a home page
- home pages must have:
- **site identity and mission** (tell people where they are, why they're there, and why they should stay there)
- **site hierarchy** (content + features as well as how those are organized)
- **search** (make this prominent)
- **teases** (entice people -- make them want to stay)
- **content promos** (newest/best pieces of content -- new stories, hot deals, etc.)
- **feature promos** (entice users to visit other parts of the site)
- **timely content** (show users that your site is alive -- some sort of content that is updated frequently)
- **deals** (advertising)
- **shortcuts** (most frequently used pieces of content should have their own links)
- **registration** (links or text boxes for new users to register and for old users to sign in)
- home pages should also:
- make it obvious as to how to get to where you need to go
- expose what the site has to offer that all users might not necessarily //need//
- show users where and how to begin
- make a good impression
- the BSU home page has a clear site ID, hierarchy, and search bar -- the others are more fuzzy

==== Do It Blindfolded ====
- expect that users will see the most prominent part of your site first -- and that could be the only part they see
- according to Krug, "things that are prominently promoted on the Home page tend to get significantly greater traffic" (p. 87)
- everyone will have an opinion about it
- must appeal to a diverse (read: everyone) audience

==== It's All About the Big Picture ====
- convey the main message of the site -- users should be able to tell what the site is, what it does, what it has, what they (the user) can do, and why they should stay on the site
- users get their first impression in milliseconds
- compromise is inevitable -- home pages can't contain everything
- don't let excuses get in the way of not spelling out the big picture of the site

==== But... ====
- even though most users will be following a link when they visit your site, the home page and the persistent navigation need to be crystal clear so users can get their bearings wherever they end up clicking to

=== An Explicit Home Page ===
- places where you should get the message across:
- **the tagline** (the space right next to the site ID; should be a short description of the whole site)
- **the Welcome blurb** (terse description of the site, typically in the top left corner to get our attention)
- **the "Learn More"** (people are often willing to watch short explanatory videos)
- guidelines to get the message across:
- **use as much space as necessary, but not any more than that**
- keep it short -- only mention the important features, not every feature
- don't use a mission statement as your Welcome blurb -- that's too many words and no one will read them
- **test it**
- show your home page to someone outside of your organization to make sure the point is getting across
- the BSU home page doesn't have a tagline, but it does have a "Learn More" option

==== To Tagline, Or Not To Tagline ====
- a phrase that sums up the whole enterprise
- found close to the site ID
- an efficient way to get your message across -- people look for them
- a good tagline should:
- ** be clear and informative**
- **not be too long** (Krug advises 6-8 words)
- **convey differentiation and benefit**
- **not be generic**
- **be personable, lively, and sometimes clever**
- taglines are not completely necessary for:
- sites that have household word status
- sites that already have a strong offline presence
- however...
- why not use a tagline?
- helps to reiterate what your site is about

==== Krug's Fifth Question ====
- "where do I start?"
- the home page should answer this clearly by showing clear entry points
- do not promote too many things at once, which leads to...

==== The Golden Goose Problem ====
- too much clutter and promoting is bad for a home page
- for example, the BSU home page could lean toward too cluttered with too many promotions
- this requires constant diligence; the home page can quickly get overloaded
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