Notes About Organizing

Interface Design

Is the map the destination?

Navigation isn’t just a feature of a website, it is the website, in the same way that the building, the shelves, and the cash registers are Sears. Without it, there’s no "there" there.
—Steve Krug

The website itself is a little confusing... feels like a textbook with ads everywhere. Would be nice if the "next page" link said "continue on Chapter 4" or something to let the reader know, this is not all of chapter 4...

Nice analogy between Venice "wayfinding" and the web.

Topics of Consideration for Web Development and Navigational Orientation

No scale: Possible to delineate data amount with the deepness of color or other graphic and/or ICON?
No compass: Home-Foreward-Back-and HyperLinking. There could be an infographic map on the top right of the page showing where you were in the page hierarchy.

Breadcrumbs: Could be implemented on map idea above. As in shows where the user has "walked" with a red line.

Regions could be differentiated by a unique color palette, icon set, and aesthetic style.
Nodes-- Simplify. Users are less happy with many choices.
Search-- How useful is it... how accurate is it... where to put it. The search bar has room for improvement. Established conventions, spelling allowances?

Logical Layout
Consistency with graphics, font, coloring, heading etc.
An easy way to find the home from any page. (long-tail)
Use website tracking to help prominently display links to most sought after the content?
Opera is a master" Where did it go? And why? Was a shell 11mb's at one time, moved up to 30mb... Did this help or hurt?
User quote I found in response to updating!
Everything you loved about Opera is gone. It may or may not be returned... but until then, you should stick with an older version 11 or 12 of opera, or invest in a vat of lube and a hemorrhoid donut to sit on. Opera 15 is the software version of anal rape.
Side note: Biggest factor in the decline of Users?
Improvements on existing conventions?

What to include in Pages
Who, What, Where, When, Why
What about design?
People need to trust that you are not wasting their time with a bad layout and believability.
Symbolism Creep, Mission Creep. An often forgotten about demon.

An effective web presence can be a powerful tool for enhancing the status and competitive positioning of an enterprise, but only if the web site effectively projects a feeling of trust in the knowledge and competence of the organization that produced it.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works.
—Steve Jobs Tie in with the Chapter beginning.

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