Notes About Organizing

Interface Design

Is the map the destination?

Navigation isn’t just a feature of a website, it is the website, in the same way that the building, the shelves, and the cash registers are Sears. Without it, there’s no "there" there.
—Steve Krug

The website itself is a little confusing... feels like a textbook with ads everywhere. Would be nice if the "next page" link said "continue on Chapter 4" or something to let the reader know, this is not all of chapter 4...

Nice analogy between Venice "wayfinding" and the web.

Topics of Consideration for Web Development and Navigational Orientation


Logical Layout

Everything you loved about Opera is gone. It may or may not be returned... but until then, you should stick with an older version 11 or 12 of opera, or invest in a vat of lube and a hemorrhoid donut to sit on. Opera 15 is the software version of anal rape.

What to include in Pages

—Steve Jobs Tie in with the Chapter beginning.

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