Notes About Length: Making Me Think About It

Patrick Lynch, Web Style Guide

Page Width and Line Length


This site has one of the simplest site menus I've ever seen. Easy of use? A monkey could do it.

Extra Notes:

eMedia: Less is really More

An Example:

Good: Forever 21
Worse: Cabela's
Better?: Facebook

Price, from Hot Text

An Example:

How do I check out when I am all done with my shopping at the stores with the Jumbo portal?

Whether you are buying one item, a dozen, or maybe a hundred, you can just simply click on the Shopping Cart icon, which appears at the top of every JumboShop page. Once you are in the shopping cart, you can do several things, if you want. Optionally, you can confirm that everything you wanted to buy has shown up in the order, enter billing and shipping information, and then click the Check Me Out button, we send your order to the individual store. At that point, the transaction is between you and the store, and if there are any problems, you need to talk to the store. If you call us, we will only be able to help you with out part of the transaction, that is, before we actually send the order to the store. (171)

How do I check out?
1. Click the Shopping Cart, at the top of the page.
2. Look over your order. (You can delete items if you want.)
3. Enter billing and shipping info.
4. Click Check Me Out.
At that time, we send your order to the individual store. (50)

- Note:

Cost Benefits and Content Strategy

  • The conclusion is clear: people prefer to read short articles.
    • A good editor should be able to cut 40% of the word count while removing only 30% of an article's value. The cuts should be the least valuable information, anyways.

This article doesn't think so. People aren't complaining just online either, but also about in-print articles, like in newspapers. The author of this article believes that the fact that people still read newspapers must mean that they have grown accustomed to how they are written. That doesn't mean we shouldn't adjust to how certain mediums receive our content, but also should feel confident in the fact that readers are readers for a reason.

Short Pages Outperforming Long

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