Notes About Length

How long?

Buttons available? Heirarchy clear? Navigation easy?/
>Know about the physical practicalities
->we benefit from the knowledge of metrics which can define the sweet spots for average physical "comfort"
2-3 inch colums, 60 characters or about 12 words per line based on the area easily covered w/macula
>Know about habbits. We can match the formula per extensive studies regarding click bait etc.
  • >understanding the habits of readers in post-internet society.
We have become skimmers.
90 seconds, top 6 inches of web page have to catch attention or they wander.
we have lost patience with long introductions.
We are innudated with reading an thus less likely to enjoy or connect/remember a particular essay
  • - We have become insulated from new ideas
                    • we control the content (big media, dismantled)
                    • we skim posts to determine if its a thumbs up or down based on beliefs already held
                    • looking for validation of our ideas does not usually lead to informative discovery
                    • steady drone of "fopinion" often repetitive, not really informative. standard for fact?
                Nobody is listening. Perhaps we are all just screaming into the void.

>My ideas

*a note to look into, does "scrolling" provide some type of soothing or self stim behavior which can lead to mild hypnosis
*contributing to the problem is ireesponsible
*Perhaps innovation is in order
>obviously design: contrast, proximity, repetition, alignment and bandwidth matter
>perhaps type rules designed for the printed word do not go far enough in expressing
meaning, intent, emotion, mood, priority etc.
*revisionist idea.....
*text which uses color and texture to establish BOTH hierarchy and mood
(Not just color, 3 D text as well)
>"Mood" posting, a color assigned to the post based on the "tone of voice" of the
post changes color as it combines with the mood of the reader. ( return
to "conversations" that are observably succesful or not)
>add animation to the FB/Twitter/Google plus and SMS platform.
Make it clear not just what was said, but "how" it was said. (text might stomp into place, or
it could fly in breezily, or sadly drag itself in etc)
90? % of communication based on non-verbal cues, tech takes away that cue
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