Assigned to Kelley Ryan

1500 word + article on writing for the web. From first-hand experience and incorporating online and other sources about the same. 1st person. positioned. something of the feel of The New Yorker or Slate or even Wired, but from a grad student's perspective.

might start anecdotally and move towards wider and wider consideration -

might take on the issue whether writing for the web is different than or the same as writing for other situations - or how it is different and how the same ... not necessarily seeking to resolve the matter so much as address it.

might take on what writing for the web means for a grad student in English.

sources drawn from others who write for the web - Price, perhaps, and others found by search. Or by interview.

tricky: how to handle a longish article like this - keeping in mind the work seeks to demonstrate those writing practices it asserts.

for connect: first person, student/pro perspective

to educate: article should demonstrate what it asserts. article should seek to present a way of thinking about the matter that lets readers consider the matter further.

Teaching Writing for both traditional English classes and E writing classes comparison
- issues I have with trying to process things too much prior to writing
What I have come up against in online writing/blogging for contract
weblogs/web content a change in approach
experience as a reader and a writer
participant and producer
liberal ed supported to
motley fool

A Growing Perspective on Writing

I have always been a reader, I have fond memories of my mom reading books to me and my siblings even past the age at which I could easily read on my own. I loved the tension of coming to the end of a chapter knowing I would have to wait until the next night to resolve the

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