Notes on the web style guide

A guide to get a sense of what others do, but limited in stylistic and composing advice because rhetorically too narrow.

Chap 9: Editorial Style is useful but full of uncritical assertions about reading and writing on the web.

The trouble starts with this: A statement about chunking which needs to be taken back.

Pinker on Conventions.. "Once you understand that prescriptive rules are conventions, most of the iptivist controversies evaporate. One such controversy springs from the commonplace among linguists that most nonstandard forms are in no way lazy, illogical, or inferior. The choice of isn’t over ain’t, dragged over drug, and can’t get any over can’t get no did not emerge from a weighing of their inherent merits, but from the historical accident that the first member of each pair was used in the dialect spoken around London when the written language became standardized. If history had unfolded differently, today’s correct forms could have been incorrect and vice-versa. "

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