Notes on Linking The Landscape Garden

I started by looking for words that might develop into topics. I mis-led myself in my first choices of friend, happieness, contentment … none of these panned out as linking terms across nodes over the course of the entire narrative.

I re-read until I discovered the natural | artificial theme - and that led to linking. The opposition - natual | artificial - started to gather in god | human, real | ideal, natural | aesthetic Rule and some others. But I also found at this point that I could link not just single words using this opposition but phrases and clauses and close to full sentences.

Other possible threads came up with friend and happiness but they remain minor, non-emphatic.

I wanted to signal the text anchor on the arrive end, so I tried bold. I found that in most places I could emphasize the arrival text by using a link instead of bold.

A number of places I wanted to link from but could find no anchor to link to. Eg, 2. four unvarying laws. But I found an anchor for laws. The law linked to has little to do with the four laws discussed in the source nodes, which forces a re-think of the term, but also places emphasis on the idea that the artifical is true beauty is itself a Law.

I created three see-saw link for emphasis. enigma and mystery go back and forth between the two, natural and articial go in 12 go back and forth to their appropirate anchors.

I linked the text to repeat from last node to first so that the first can be re-read to see the Lesson (an analepsis) that’s stated and embedded in the first node. that is, “An intimate and anxious examination of his career, has taught me to understand that, in general, from the violation of a few simple laws of Humanity, arises the Wretchedness of mankind; that, as a species,"

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