Middle Technical Style

Technical composition is frequently written with the "well-educated layperson" in mind. This person occupies the space between "the man on the street" and the specialist. This person may in fact be a specialist in another field. Many types of writing benefit from keeping this audience in mind. Reports and business letters are often intended for educated non-specialists. The scientific community regularly presents their research and findings in a form that is accessible to those outside of their field. This "middle" range of technical style is important for efficient communication.

The language structure of middle technical style is more "normal" than other styles. Extreme simplification and awkward repetition are not necessary. The focus of the writing is definition and explanation, not avoidance of proper terms. The reader may need to look terms up in the dictionary on occasion but this is not the writers aim. Graphs and other images may be helpful but should not replace text altogether, any image should be clearly explained in ordinary sentences.

Advantages of The Middle Style
A class in technical English with a focus in middle technical style can help students whose educational focus is more scientific or technological. These students often find themselves learning specialist terminology and form in their advanced classes but technical English can help them communicate about their work across specialties. Working with them on logic, composition, and language will allow them to access this middle style. Through the medium of middle technical style members of a group with mixed specializations will improve their ability to communicate clearly with one another despite a range of technical specialties.
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