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What is the self?

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Introduction to Being: FAQ
Question: What is the Self?
To know oneself, (or is it one’s self ) is a life long project.
(Weather you like it or not?)
SELF is defined as a person’s essential being.

Personhood at birth? What magic happens in the birthing process? Does this make sense?
Question: How does person differ from self?
I don’t know.
A person’s essential being?
What is a person?
See article reference below:
“What is a person?
Author: David L. Anderson
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What is a person? The English term, “person,” is ambiguous. We often use it as a synonym for “human being.” But surely that is not what we intend here. It is possible that there are aliens living on other planets that have the same cognitive abilities that we do (e.g. E.T: The Extraterrestrial or the famous “bar scene” from Star Wars). Imagine aliens that speak a language, make moral judgments, create literature and works of art, etc. Surely aliens with these properties would be “persons” — which is to say that it would be morally wrong to buy or sell them as property the way we do with dogs and cats or to otherwise use them for our own interests without taking into account the fact that they are moral agents with interests that deserve the same respect and protection that ours do.”
A person is a human being regarded as an individual.
Regarded by who?
Other persons?
Does self exist without other persons? Is it all referential?

Question: Is language ill equipped to explain the self?
Who is I? What is an I?
Answer: (Photo of Man staring into reflection)
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