For the exercise, I decided to use a short story I wrote this semester for my creative nonfiction class--which is a character sketch of my best friend, Clinton, who still lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. As you'll see in the story, Clinton and I have this ongoing game (which we've been playing for about six years now) that involves naming random movies from the 90s. It's barely a game, I guess--more like something that just helps pass the time. Anyway, when I presented this story to my class, barely anyone knew any of the movies I listed throughout the piece (either because they don't watch movies or they are a lot younger than me and grew up watching different movies). I thought to myself--after considering this assignment--how they might have been able to identify more with my story if I had written it online and provided links to every reference.

So, here is the heavily-linked version of my story, entitled "The 90s or Whatever YOU Call It"
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