An old tree the size of a mountain is colonized - based off of nothing, but the concept of different branches allows for an interesting view towards the interconnections of the web and the condensed information or direction offered by hyperlinking.

The tales about the wolf are interesting to me. They largely revolve around the arrogance of the wolf in matters of obtaining resources and empty claims to hierarchy. In the cat and the fox, the fox is represented as clever, but arrogant. He dies because he boasts to the cat that he knows a hundred ways in which to avoid hunters, but apparently none of his methods are useful or he can't access them quickly enough.

There is an Irish tale of sorts in which fairies lure people into the woods so that they may dance until they die. I'm interested in exploring this concept, because the ever expanding web pages of feed on twitter and facebook suggest a length that is near infinite browsing experience. However, I am also interested in incorporating the somewhat misguided wisdom of a concise and brief writing style on the web. Currently I am exploring this in these ways:
Folk Tale on Medium

Very important: ask Morgan about the image used for all of his electronic writing classes.
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