Short, sweet, and to the point. What is the ideal length for writing? For stories, anything under fifty pages, to me, is a short story. Three hundred pages is ideal, and makes me more excited about reading. Breaking it down to sentence structure, the idea that 7-10 words a sentence seems a bit extreme. Sure not every sentence has to be twenty words long, but if every paragraph is only seven words long, the author doesn't have as much space to build on their idea without dragging on and on sentence after sentence.
Of course, this could be a personal preference.
As long as the author uses proper punctuation and grammar, who cares how long the sentences are?
Of course, this differs when you consider different types of writing.
Instruction manuals, for example, should not drag on and on about how to put a table together because it will most likely confuse the consumer. Keeping things short and sweet are encouraged then, but what about novellas? We want to learn more, to understand more about the story. We can't get as in-depth when we're given a word limit. And if you are forced to keep words small and easily understood, the story can become too linear.
That's not to say we shouldn't use small words where they seem fit, but refusing to use any words other than "very," and "big," and "eat," when we could use "immensely," and "monstrous," and "devoured," takes away some of the visuals we can picture while reading. There is a huge difference between "eat" and "devour," just like there is a huge difference between "hungry" and "starving." And in line with that, instead of simply stating the character is "starving," show that the character is "devouring" their food and let the reader determine for themselves that the character is "starving" without even having to mention the word.
We shouldn't be forced to use small words in order to make our stories more legible to a less intelligent audience. A real story is supposed to make you think, to figure out what the author is trying to convey.
As one of the biggest rules of fiction states, "show, don't tell."
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