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Krug states "three mindless, unambiguous clicks equal one click that requires thought". This sort of reminds me of Russian nesting dolls.

Imagine you have a set of 4 dolls, and you want to get to the smallest doll. You only have to open 3 dolls, and they are so easy to open. In a matter of seconds, you've reached your goal.

Now imagine you have a set of 2 dolls, and you want to get to the smallest doll. It should be even faster, right? But now imagine the outer doll comes with a riddle, and you have to solve it to reach the smallest doll.

Basically, it's simpler to mindlessly open several dolls, than to open just one complex doll. Whether that analogy made sense to anyone else is beyond me, but it made sense in my mind. Although one simple button on a website would be ideal, several is okay if they are readable and simple. Having complicated questions or buttons on a site may lead viewers to leave the site, in search for a more readable one.

This is definitely true for me because when I visit websites, especially the BSU site. To look at majors and requirements, I never know if I should click "undergraduate" or "programs". Both buttons allow you to see these things, but I am always briefly unsure of which one will direct me to my goal.

- multiple clicks is fine as long as they are mindless and simple
- simple, understandable buttons

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