This chapter reminded me of Wikipedia (not to diss wikis or anything). When you are trying to figure out a certain celebrities birthday, you may go to their Wikipedia page. You will likely find an extensive amount of information on that celebrity, from where they were born down to their favorite color. However, you don't want to read the entire biography -- you just want to know their birthday. So your eyes scan the page until you find it, and then you leave the site.

Someone spent a ton of time writing their whole biography, but it doesn't really matter. People usually don't use the web to read an extensive biography.

People use the web to find the information they want in the moment -- not all the information on the entire web, or even on an entire website.

When I read this chapter, I was also reminded of last spring in Weblogs and Wikis, in which I created a makeup blog. I was writing 500 word blog posts on every detail of how I did my makeup, when the reality is that probably no one read every word. Viewers likely scanned over my posts, looked at the pictures, and maybe glanced over the list of products I used. The truth is, even I wouldn't want to read a 500 word post about makeup.


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