My sister used to have an online job where she reviewed new websites on their readability. She was instructed by the website creators to attempt to find a certain page of the site. Her computer webcam would record her as she talked through her process of finding the specific page, and she would review the site based on how easy it was to find the page.

This chapter reminded me a lot of that. I couldn't believe that website creators pay regular citizens to see how readable their websites are because I never thought of how important it really is.

One thing I never really considered is how buttons are formatted. A word with a gray bubble around it is "obviously clickable" whereas a word with no emphasis or anything distinguishing it from regular text "requires thought". As I am looking at my wiki page right now, I can understand how that makes sense. For example, the clickable buttons have emphasis, like a different color font or a box around the text. I have never thought about this before, but it definitely creates simplicity and user-friendliness.

I like what Peter said about clickbait in relation to readability. Clickbait will give you a piece of enticing information that you want to know more about, but upon clicking it, it's virtually impossible to find that specific info. Instead, you are bombarded with other things and you are forced to keep reading and clicking around the site until you find the desired information.


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