310 Beltrami Ave. NW
Bemidji, MN 56001

(218) 444-7600

Hours: 11-1am

WiFi Sometimes works, sometimes not

Menu: http://www.bemidjimenus.com/dining/kegandcork.html

Beer Pong/Bags/Darts/Karaoke
Friday and Saturday
Live DJ

Keg & Cork

Every city, town, or community has that one bar—a bar that locals and tourists alike go to in search for a relaxing night. Keg & Cork, located on Beltrami Ave., is Bemidji's. With a relaxed atmosphere and laid-back persona, this bar is a natural selection for people who love classic rock music and cheap food, free peanuts and popcorn. But the Keg offers so much more than the typical, low-key bar that you might be thinking of. So whether you want a night of playing pool, drinking with friends, or just hanging out, the Keg offers it all. (Callout?)


The Keg & Cork makes every customer a regular. Whether it's your first time or have been stopping in for years, everyone is treated with the same great attitude and service. There is a calm mood and presence that seems to be engrained in the floorboards with someone always ready to chat with you at one of the two bars or play a game of pool. If telling stories about your day out hunting or fishing is your thing, the Keg always packs a variety of outdoorsmen eager to split a pitcher and talk.


The Keg & Cork is split into two main areas. The upstairs is the destination for people who want to have small conversations with those that they came with or others at the bar. There are a couple of dartboards, a few video games, a pool table, and booth seating. The downstairs, which opens on Thursday night, holds more of a party atmosphere. This is where the Keg hosts another bar, dance floor, music, and second pool table. (Text wrapped around picture?)


Every Thursday night, from 9-midnight, Keg & Cork offers it's customers the chance to play beer pong, bags, and darts. (Callout?) They also host karaoke for anyone daring enough, or spirited enough, to try out. Once Friday and Saturday roll around, the Keg hosts a live DJ from 9 to midnight to dance along with downstairs. For those who aren't in the mood to party, the Keg's upstairs remains fairly unchanged as the events continue downstairs.


The Keg offers free, AYCE popcorn and peanuts (Callout?) while their menu consists of fairly typical bar food: burgers, sandwiches, and fish. The meals come relatively cheap, fast and are usually served with ripple chips—unless you ask for something else. They have also become somewhat popular for their "Keg Cuties," which are $1 hamburger sliders served as their daily special from 4-9. The Keg also switches up their selection by offering seasonal salads as lighter alternatives. Everything can either be dine-in or take-out.


The Keg's most popular drink among college-aged students seems to be their combat pitchers, which are served as specials on Wednesday nights. Other than this, the Keg also offers the usual selection of domestic brews along with a limited assortment of specialty items.

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If you are still interested in listening to music after Keg & Cork, stop by either Brigid's Cross or Backyard Barbeque to hear live bands. Or, if you are still hankering for a night cap, The Corner Bar is open until 2 am.
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