Address 310 Beltrami Ave. NW
Phone (218) 444-7600
Hours 11am-1am
Wifi? Sometimes works, sometimes not.
ATM? Yes

Weekly events
Game Night
Thursdays: 9pm-12 midnight
Beer Pong/Bags/Darts
• Karaoke Thursday nights
• Thursday, Friday, Saturday-- Downstairs is open (dancing floor, secondary bar and pool table.)
• Friday and Saturday-- DJ

Yearly events
ST. Patrick's Day
Home Coming (Varies by year)

Notes on patrons
• I think this is one of the couple bars in Bemidji that is equally attractive to both college-aged students and older generations. They get the same "regulars" that come back for the relaxed atmosphere.
• I cannot stress the importance of the free peanuts and popcorn enough. Just knowing that you can munch on free stuff while sitting at the bar/table/or while playing pool, makes the Keg and Cork the place for chilling out.

Notes on food
• Pretty typical bar food. Burgers, sandwiches, fried fish. However, they take these bar staples and make them memorable.
There is something about ordering a meal that has its own special name that makes it better. For example, the Keg and Cork doesn't serve a "grilled chicken sandwich," they serve a "Kelsey."
• There is nothing better than free snacks. Keg and Cork offers unlimited popcorn and peanuts to anyone walking in the door. Grab a bowl of each and head over to the pool table for a couple games. Or take them down stairs to a secondary bar/dance floor.
• Daily Kitchen Special: 4pm-9pm "Keg Cuties" $1 hamburger sliders.

Notes on drink
• Combat pitchers seem to keep people coming back.
• Seemed like a pretty typical selection of domestic beers. Some specialty items.

Notes on service
• Every time I have gone, I get the same sandwich and it has always been brought out in a timely manner by a nice waitress.
• If you want to play pool, you have to go talk with the bartender for a dollar coin. I have never had to wait and it never seems like it is a problem.

Notes on atmosphere
• Music does play in the background, but it isn't overbearing. You can hold a conversation with someone without having to yell.
• Everything is very laid back. This becomes even more evident when you see people swiping their discarded peanut shells onto the ground. In fact, servers request its patrons on doing this. Apparently the natural peanut oil acts as a preliminary polishing agent for their wood floors.
• Every time I have been there, there haven't been too many people. Just a couple people at the bar, casually chatting with the bartender. Maybe a few older folks sharing a bowl of popcorn at a hightop. Very relaxing and friendly.

Notes on events
Homecoming is a big deal


Keg images
Exterior photos (Adam)
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