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Guild Wars 2 Home Page

A game developer named ArenaNet is currently working on a very large project called Guild Wars 2, a sequel to the popular Guild Wars franchise. While their has yet to be a release date announced for this game, ArenaNet has spared no effort in informing its large demographic of fans anticipating GW2's release. As you can see, the GW2 site has been extensively designed in order to appeal to views both visually and intellectually.

The development of the game is still a work in progress, but enough has been done and finalized that ArenaNet is already posting a wealth of information considering the new aspects of their game, which they declare are new and revolutionary to the MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) industry.

ArenaNet uses several layers of topic division in the layout of this page, ensuring that information is easy to find. A news page allows users to look through posts made by the ArenaNet team (blogs, game announcements, etc.) and look at the progress in a sequential order. Next to the News is the Game topic which opens into a list of various topics concerning game play. Those topics are furthermore separated into various categories that can either be browsed in entirety by someone who wishes to be informed of everything, or easily discriminated for those who are looking for specific tidbits on their favorite class or activity.

Following through with a promise of GW2's high artistic quality, there is also a Media tab that allows users to peruse promotional concept art and screenshots from the game. A Shop at the end allows users to see what other ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2 merchandise (unfortunately not the game itself) is available for purchase.
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