What is your role as a reader in each text? What are you cast by the writing as doing, able to do, expected to do, come away with from the reading?
I think my role for this piece is to just explore. That's the point of a map, right? It's not supposed to be linear. I've been exploring this piece for a long time, and I physically don't think there are any expectations of the reader. It is either to be interpreted by each individual, or not to be interpreted at all.

Technology! What's it mean in this case?
This piece would have an entirely different meaning without technology. I mean, the words literally move and change. In print form, I'm not sure the creator would even have interest in publishing this.

"J. R. Carpenter is a Canadian artist, writer, researcher, performer and maker of maps, zines, books, poems, fiction, non-fiction, non-linear hypermedia narratives, and computer-generated texts."

Yes, this person seems weird. I'd call this piece a "non-linear hypermedia narrative", and I don't think it would translate well in print.

Comprehension! What does it mean to understand or comprehend this particular text? To get what it's presenting?
I don't even know if I'm supposed to comprehend this. Here's the thing, I've stared at this map thing for a long long time, and I've noticed that not all the words change at the same time. Some of them linger on the screen for a couple switches before changing. I don't know if this is more or less confusing.

If you click on the island, the words change. But also, if you don't click on the island, the words will also change.

"Click on islands to rewrite the paragraph"... What? If I clicked forever, would a paragraph ever repeat itself?

"The population of this island is a scattering of 300 people. It is also home to 2000 sheep."
"The population of this island is around 20."
"The population of this island is 200 people, and 6500 deer."

These sentences are all from the story of one island. Almost every new segment shows a new population, and there is no defined timeline. I am no longer even trying to comprehend this map, I'm just looking around.

Who are you cast as as a reading public - that is, What kind of mindset, values, interests, ATTENTION does the text expect of you as part of the the general public who reads?
I think this text requires a sense of open-mindedness. You can't go into this text expecting a book with a beginning, middle, and end. No paragraph really ends-- they just keep going. The paragraphs don't tell a story; each one is it's own situation. There is no story; it's just a bunch of segments and chunks and pieces.

DOes it mAke you thinK?
It certainly does. I think
"why does this exist?"
"what story is it trying to tell?"
"what is the message?"
"IS there a message?"
"are these real islands?"
"why does each paragraph contain contradicting information?"

At first, I was frustrated by this piece. Eventually, I started to think of it as an exploration. It's bizarre, but I find it very interesting and almost poetic.
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