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======Branded for life======

Some have them some don’t. It’s a personal choice made for various reasons. Exploring what some of these reasons are could take up volumes. What drives people to get their first, or to never get one. Why people endure the pain and in some cases the reproach of friends and family.

An article directly targeting [addressing] BSU students would be a good way to start.

[contact] Put a name and a face to the tattooed on campus. Take pictures of student’s tattoos, use their social network to improve readership when you publish.

Talk to Art students, get their feelings on Tattoos and tattoo artists.

Visit a tattoo shop, if it’s approved, talk to the artists and clients.

Opportunity for links galore

The web is full of tattoo information. Trends, art work, care manuals, historical and cultural perspectives abound.

There should be no problem finding supporting content from any direction or tone an author may want to use.

I would suggest using a tattoos are good tone, but the web is full of opinions pick one that suits.

The Hook

Have it open ended. Leave room for a second article including photos and stories missed on the first article.

Do this by leaving a place for readers to submit photos

Create a twitter hashtag to track people’s comments and links.

[Contact] Pray on people’s egos, I know if my photo was going on line I would tell my friends. Feed on their social networks to expand your reach.

Department: University Life
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