The beginner

As a new runner I've been exposed to many aspect of running I didn't even know existed. From picking the right shoe to how much water you need. It's still a learning process, but I do have a feel for what it takes to get started.

When you’re out of shape, running takes a huge mental component. The drive to push past the pain is an elusive thing. It becomes a struggle of wills, to stay at rest is far easier than forcing a long winter run.

A willingness to run is just single part the mental drama. There is something about being alone with your thoughts as your body endures that draws me in. Each stride conjures foreign images and new ideas. What it’s like being locked inside your own body, each footfall driving a new image to mind.

The Where
Where you can run, where it is I run. What can be seen and what can be felt. A chilled winter snow, the random dog charging from a nearby house. Each route carries its own quirks with landmarks used as incentives, forcing me along. The state, the city and even my neighborhood are all fair game.

The Now

Finally I can run more than a block without the fear of imminent death. Now the distance becomes important, training schedules begin to take on real meaning. I've learned my body, began to learn the road and my own thoughts. Time has passed and so have the miles.

Details on the specifics, what it is im training for and the steps used to get there. Miles, pace all the gritty details of dedication. The times I failed at my goals as well as the good days.

The future

Time is a fun thing, attitudes change and first impressions mutate into new ideas. A comparison cold be made to beginning runner's mind to that of someone with hundreds of miles behind them. This future is unsure; I may never reach my goal.

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