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Google Maps, c 1894. Organization of Sainsbury Locations on a map of London. Abbey Road runs NW to SE just right of center (full size) From Monumental Map of London, 1894.

The Anti-Strunk Consideration of Style

The Five Clocks and others.

Current Spaces on Medium

  • TIO Labs. This is where your finished work will be aggregated for the course.
  • This Is Online. This is the account I use for managing TIO Labs, which is a collection on Medium.

Web Content Writing

ENGL 4169/5169: Web Content Writing
Spring 2017

Morgan's Wiki | WCWStatement | WCWSyllabus
AboutThisWiki | This Is Online: Retired for 2015


for Thu 30 Mar

This article is proving to be trickier than expected, so the deadline is extended to our next meeting:

Back pages for Organizing Project

for 23 Mar

23 Feb class meeting

for Mar 9

Have your map in hand for the class on Thursday!
We're now meeting in HS 248A.


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Visit, comment on drafts, follow.

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