Hello, Everyone

Hello, all! My name is Samantha Crews, and I am a second year at Bemidji State University with obsessions galore. I'm an avid fan of the written word: reading, writing, listening, all of it. This has been a thing since the second grade when I wrote my first story, though it was a vague rip off of Tarzan. My next fascination came about when I was around ten years old and took a silhouette picture of this woman and her baby at a wedding. This led to high school yearbook and saving for my own camera; I was hooked. Then my obsession with travel...I read a book back in Elementary about a girl who ran away to hike the Appalachian Trail. I forgot about it for awhile but in Senior year of high school, it came back up. Now I plan to hike the Trail from February to June or July in 2019. After that, I plan to go everywhere else. Then blogging because writing, photography, and travel is a beautiful combination, I think.
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