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Autobiography 3 Edited (Please Use This Picture)

I grew up in the small town of Becida MN where I lived in a house previously owned by Ruth and Gary Paulsen which likely inspired my interest into reading and writing at an early age. In high school I took advanced English courses and began to write books of my own but never finished them. I decided to attend Bemidji State University as a Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Creative and Professional Writing in hopes of becoming a better writer, and to learn how to finish writing of my own. I’m currently a junior in the BFA program and completely enjoy the classes I’ve taken here at BSU.

I worked this fall semester as a writing tutor and I hope to continue working in the writing resource center since I’ve only had good experiences while working there. However I currently work at Raphael’s bakery for more hours and a better income. Working there has influenced some of my writing; one of my professors requested I use the bakery as a setting in more of short stories, and another time I was pleasantly surprised to recognize a regular customer of the bakery's cafe' side as being one of my English professors this year.

I don’t know exactly what I want to do once I have my degree next year, but I do know that what I’ve learned here will stick with me. Also that I hope to obtain a career in one of the many avenues writing possesses.
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