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Having been born in Kenosha, Wisconsin and raised in Bemidji, Minnesota, it is safe to say that I am Midwest-bred. I feel that my little region of the continental US catches a lot of flack, but this place is great. Besides the occasional thick Minnesotan accent (yah, you betcha), the Midwest population generally does not speak with an accent. If you disagree, this is simply because YOU, in fact, speak with an accent.
I like things like reading, writing and photography. I love the internet and I've started dipping my proverbial toes into the blogosphere.
My eldest, Aden, arrived at the end of my sophomore year of high school and has been my main source of motivation for a while now. Because of him, I had a reason to stay home at night and do my homework.
Since my high school career turned out so well, I went on to attend Bemidji State. Then, I got hitched to a guy named Norby and popped out another baby in between semesters. Norby and I named him Jace, after battling for months over the name 'Megatron'. Obviously, I won.
So here I am. Married mom of two, going to school full time and hoping to be make this fall my last semester. Then what, you ask?
I'll continue on in the Service Industry for a while, paying off my student loans with your dolla dolla bills, ya'll.
I hope to eventually add a little West Coast spice to my Midwest bread before it’s too late.
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