Faith Journey Bio
textMy parents raised me in church, so it has always been a part of me. The most impactful times for my faith had to have been youth group at Oasis, youth group at H2O and experience at Camp Padre, South Padre Island.

Oasis TNT youth group was my first jump into my own personal faith journey. It help me individualize my faith and decide that its importance in my life. It gave me a place to belong and a support system much need in my life during my middle school years.

H20/180 Youth Group at Christian Center Hobbs, was even more impactful for me. It gave me my own place and goal in my faith. It gave me a place to grow and be a part of a spiritual community. I was able to help those younger than me while being mentored by the older youth. I volunteered as much as I could and did everything possible to be there during any free time I had.

While going to this youth group, I was able to participate in Camp Padre, South Padre Island, Texas. It was a powerful experience that drove me to new heights in my journey. I would consider this experience to be my first "Faith Mountain Top".

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