Emerson Recast

A man's power to use words depends on the simplicity of character- his love of truth. After man is corrupted, language is too. When truth is broken up by greed and deceit takes truth's place, collective thinking and language shit out and the people trade with paper while the country goes broke. Eventually, language completely goes to hell and words have no truth at all. Writers may be found who think they speak truths but are wrong.

But wise men rename real things and ally with truth and God. When words are backed by emotions, they become images. A man speaking truthfully will be presented with ideas that are contemporaneous with all his thoughts.

Middle Style Recast

Function. Many people are well-educated only in one or few certain areas and are considered laypeople in every other. Much technical writing is directed to these people, who may occupy boards or agencies. Writing too technically may be a mistake as the readers are not experts like the writer, and writing too informally should be avoided as well. The best way to convey expert knowledge to lay people is through a "middle" range of technical style.

Characteristics. The language in this style may be considered more normal than the other two. It is not "dumbed down," but straightforward. A dictionary may be necessary at times, but not excessively so. Visuals work with the text and any point made visually is also spelled out.

Advantages for the course in technical English. The middle style is particularly advantageous for a course in technical English. Professional curricula offer training in purely technical communication, such as the preparation of routine laboratory reports. The purpose of the class would be to focus on general principles of technical composition. The class would not be composed of students from the same fields, which allows them to gauge how well they communicate their subject matter to those who are unfamiliar with it.

Gertrude Stein on Forensics

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