The ability to connect thought and symbol, and in so doing to allowing it to be uttered, depends on a love of truth and a desire to communicate it truly. Corruption of man leads to corruption of language. When the prevalence of base desires overtake simplicity of character and the sovereignty of ideas, and falsehood takes the place of truth the power to interpret than the will is diminished. When this happens new art is not created and truth is perverted. There is nothing of worth behind the words, and man is left bankrupt. Words lose all power. Writers, believing they speak the truth clothe themselves in words that are not theirs, feeding on the language of earlier writers.

Wise men, in alliance with truth and God, work to reconnect words and visible things. When facts combine with passion or exalted thought and become images then discourse is raised. An earnest man who uses his intellect will find that images arise with thoughts.

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